The Squawk Shoppe is a Texas, USA based company that creates and sells custom aviation headsets as well as aviation accessories.

We have arranged seasoned, passionate players who – with years of combined experience in the following areas – have the capability and background for success:

  • Aerospace & Aviation Technologies
  • Fixed Wing and Rotorcraft Certificated
  • Production and Supply Chain Management
  • Product Development & Design Experience
  • Finite Electrical & Sound Engineering
  • Strategic Marketing and Concept Architecture
  • Retail & Supply Chain Management
  • Graphic Design & Publishing


Shane A. SchmidtCaptain, Shane Schmidt

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Shane is a 3rd generation woodworker, acquiring his journeyman's license at 17. He was contracting by 20 and then decided it was time to stop creating with a hammer, and start creating with a stylus. Fresh out of college, Shane managed the web department at Weisner Media, overseeing their 9 global online business publications and all web based media. Since then he has worn many hats within the marketing and advertising worlds. For the majority of his career, he has created concepts, corporate identity, online media, television and radio ads with the likes of Clear Channel, Fowler Law, Marketing Matters, Red McCombs, and Hal Jones Development. Shane’s most recent time spent in Public Relations and Consulting culminated in the world’s first LIVE Flight Simulation News Broadcast, Ten Minute Taxi which commanded more than 100,000 worldwide viewers in the first year.  

Shortly after acquiring his ASEL pilot's certification, he put together a team of exceptional professionals from the aviation technologies and business backgrounds to bring a new level of product designs for the modern aviator. When asked why he started this company he stated: "The aviation world is rapidly moving into a new age of aesthetic, and I want us to be a part of that new generation of aviators."

Paul D. RobinsonCo-Captain | First Officer, Paul Robinson

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Paul comes from the Railroad Transportation Industry with 37 years of solid supply chain logistics, manpower planning and operations management for one of the largest Rail Traffic Control Centers servicing Canada and United States.  Maintaining a $60 Million operating budget, Paul utilized his skills in areas of customs logistics and rail fleet management.  As the Senior Manager of those Service Centers Paul lead a Team of 9 Managers and 225 Employees in all those processes over the last 10 years while employed with a Major Class 1 Railroad both in Canada and the USA.

Paul brings his 32 years of Aviation experience to the table, holding PPL since 1980 with SEL and SES ratings.  In 2006, Paul turned his attention towards Helicopter Training and built time in various types, during that time he was also actively involved in the flight simulation world. Paul was involved with various groups but focused with a new growing Helicopter Flight Simulation group called Hovercontrol.  He started in 2003 with Hovercontrol during the initial stages and progressed from Student to Certified Pilot and then to Instructor Pilot.  Hovercontrol has now grown to over 26,000 members worldwide.  Paul is the Chief Flight Instructor for the largest Helicopter Flight Sim Group in the world.

Paul D. Robinson+ Our wonderful support staff, associates and vendors! They may be in the back of the aircraft serving you silently, but they are the one's who make this machine move. If you need to talk with someone, just visit our Contact Page for that.

So, if you'll put your seat-backs and tray tables in their fully upright position, we'll be happy to help you enjoy A New Way To Fly