We're building a great place for you to get quick answers to your questions, from us or other customers. Help us build a user driven FAQ page here.  Ask us anything, and we'll probably answer! Unless you ask us what we're wearing, then we may not... but we might... mmm. These are meant to be checklists for you, our customer. So we want to help you build your headset checklist and get great answers from us, and other people who use our products. We want you to ask what you need.

This is NOT a replacement for our customer service, only another tool. You can always call us directly or text us 24/7 on our contact page.


30 Day Guarantee

We know that everyone's heads, knees and needs are different in many ways. We have done our absolute best in configuring our products to fit on almost any head, face, knee, hand, body and even wall. However, we understand that our products just may not fit your wants or needs. We also know that you may just not like the way it looks, fits or whatever else. The point is, that you can trust that if you don't like your purchase for any reason, that you will get your money back, period. We won't refund shipping but every other dollar is yours to go and find what you need elsewhere. We love our products, but that doesn't mean you have to. That's our guarantee, and you can take that to the bank!

Color Palette

Well we've adjusted, changed, and nailed down what we think is the best color palette for the custom headsets that you all love. These are all subject to change and may not be exact, but they're all pretty close, and should give you a good reference page for all our color options, both solid and metallics. We'll be adding and subtracting as we go, and refine down what works the best.

FinishColor Swatch & Name
Solids White
Metallics Titanium
Plum Pink
Mocha Frost
Jewel Green
Indigo Purple
Carbon Black
Brandy Red
Bahama Blue


Head Sizes

Using a tape measure, measure your head about one fingertip above your eyebrows & ears where a hat would rest. Be certain that the tape measure is straight, not twisted. Alternatively, you can use piece of string to measure your head in the same way, and then measure the length of the string with a ruler. If you are not certain about size, or are between sizes, buy the larger size.

Head Size (cm|in) Hat Size (in) Size to Choose
54cm | 21in & down 6 5/8" & down Child
55cm | 21.5in 6 3/4" Adult
56cm | 22in 6 7/8" Adult
57cm | 22.5in 7 Adult
58cm | 23in 7 1/8" Adult
59cm | 23.5in 7 1/4" Adult
60cm | 24in & up 7 3/8" & up X-Large


Microphone Boom

All of our mic boom options are fantastic choices, and none of them are less functional than the others, just different in their own way. They all come with our top of the line microphones and will provide you with years of fit and function.

Steel-Wire Boom Half-Flex Boom Full-Flex Boom
Our Steel-Wire boom is a modified version of a traditional, because you can see we have a ball-and-socket joint in the middle allowing for more dynamic movement in the boom. The old style steel wire only had an elbow joint there making it difficult to get positioned properly. Any of you military aviators know exactly what I'm talking about. Our Steel-Wire boom is a great choice to bring back the good nostalgia and not the bad.  The Half-Flex boom is a combination of new and old, combining the steel-wire base with the full-flex tip. A great solution if you are petite or a child, because rather than having to bend the boom all the way around to your mouth, you just slide the steel-wire base back on the standoff and make the boom shorter. If it's for a child, the boom grows with them. As they get bigger, they can slide the steel wire base out and make the boom longer as needed. Pretty cool. :) Finally, the Full-Flex boom is our most popular boom choice. This is the newest boom technology and is a fully flexible steel cable system that allows full flexibility as to where you want your mic. It is a stiff coiled cable that will stop wherever you position it. It's akin to the flexible USB lights that you may have for your laptop. You put the mic where you want it, and it stays there. The difference is, ours will stand up to the most rigorous use. Others just go limp, like their quality.


High Vibration Locking ANR Module

Our locking ANR module option is designed to keep the control box connected no matter how much it shakes, rattles, or rolls. The screw-on connector won't come loose even in an old warbird, and you can still stow it away safe and sound, where it won't be swingin' around. A must have in almost any aircraft.

Locking ANR Module Locking ANR Module



When you're selecting the right headpad for your headset, it is a personal decision. Both have pros and cons, depending on your mission.  So, "Choose...but choose wisely."

Cotton Top Sheepskin
Cotton Headpad Cotton Headpad Sheepskin Headpad Sheepskin Headpad
The Cotton Headpad has great wicking with the 100% cotton cloth and breathable foam insert. Keeps your head cool and still pretty soft. The Sheepskin Headpad is just as soft as it sounds. All those long hairs are able to spread out any pressure and keep your head nice and warm.



When selecting your earseals, this is another personal preference that can only be decided by your needs. They both have their benefits, you just have to decide which one's you want.

True Gel Leatherette
Our True Gel earseals have twin layers. Not only does this help with noise reduction, but it makes them even softer on your head. Very cool, and conform perfectly to you. Leatherette earseals are the way to go, if you want soft, warm supple hide against your skin. They may lose a little in noise reduction, but the comfort is amazing.

We want your input! So if you've got experience with our headsets, and you think there's something we should add here, help us by adding it yourself below. You're the best!

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