Shipped orders & Production Status 05/02/16

Good morning!

This is a quick follow up to let you know about your orders. We have shipped all orders from #1644-#1711. All shipping delays have been remedied and new or initial tracking numbers are being generated. We did not ship out any of the delayed orders last week as we planned. There was some suspicion of tampered packaging, though unfounded. All of the delayed shipments have been gone through and are being dispersed no later than 5pm CST today 05/02/16. If you have not received your tracking information yet, you will be getting a separate email with all information included in the next 24 hours. This does not mean your shipment has not been picked up, only that the tracking information may not become active for that period of time.
Thank you all very much for your patience and well wishes, as they do not go un-noticed. If I could give you all a bunch of free stuff I would, and if I think of anything worthwhile, I'll do it.

Thanks again for your business and we hope you enjoy your headsets as much as we did making them for you.

Shane Schmidt
Owner | Co-Founder
Squawk Shoppe LLC
Shane A Schmidt May 02, 2016 0 tags (show)

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