Website Updates & Maintenance

05/16/2013 0900 CDT

We're finally back at 100%. Sorry for the delay, but some technical issues had to be worked out. We offer a lot of options for these headsets, and it takes a lot of work to make it all play nice. :)  Anyway, please shoppe to your hearts content, and let us know if you see anything amiss.


05/15/2013 1000 CDT

Unfortunately, we're still waiting on our options app to be fixed by the vendor. We apologize for any inconvenience. This issue only affects headset shopping. All other products and services should work properly. Should you need to log into your account, you should have no issues. 

Thank you for your patience, we will be updating as changes occur.


05/14/2013 2200 CDT

We're adding some updated features to the site, and doing a little house cleaning today. So it may jack with your shopping experience for the next few hours.  So if you read this, make sure that if you see anything weird during your shopping try refreshing your page or hitting the F5 key.

We should be done by 5pm CDT.

Shane Schmidt May 14, 2013 0 tags (show)