Customer Satisfaction - Our Main Goal at The Squawk Shoppe

 Here is an email we got from one of our great customers this morning:


Morning Mr. Robinson.
My name is Jonmarie, John's daughter. You made the custom headset out of tye-dye for me and put my initials on the side. I just wanted to let you know how awesome they are!! I used them for the first time on Tuesday flying locally right here in Upstate and they work like a gem. I heard everything I wanted to hear crystal clear while the engine noise was virtually non-existent. My flight partner was a little jealous when he saw them too. The headset is extremely comfortable for long periods of time thankfully as I fly for over an hour at a time. I can't begin to explain how thankful I am for the one-of-a-kind headset your shop made for me!!! I love my new headset and will send you a picture as soon as I fly in my normal plane again.
Thank you again,

Paul Robinson March 01, 2013 4 tags (show)