Where are the $399 headsets??

We had a customer call and ask us that this morning, and there may be more of you that are concerned about that. 

On all of our headsets, we have multiple options to choose from, and this lets you build a headset that is cool, but can help you stay within a budget. So we had several mic boom options from a half flex half steel wire one - the most inexpensive - to our full flex boom - the most expensive.

Well we ran out of the less expensive mic boom options. We only have the full flex mic booms for now, so the Arcus headsets start at $425.00 for the solid colors and go up from there.

However, we are doing FREE shipping until 2013, that saves $20 bucks, so it all comes out in the wash.

Sorry for any confusion, and have a Happy Holiday season!

Shane Schmidt November 12, 2012 5 tags (show)