We'd love to know what you think

So since we are new, we LOVE public opinion on what we're doing here. This is important for us, so that we can make sure we're improving and not missing things that are important to you, as our customer, and our friend.

We created a "Pireps" (pilot reports) page with a place for you to leave your comments and added it to our entire product line. Also, listen, we want your honest comments, so don't feel the need to "fluff" it up if you have something on your mind.  We want to hear it, so we can keep doing something you like or fix something that's broken.


Visit our Pireps page and leave us your opinion.


Oh and look at that, you can even comment on this blog post!  I left so many places for you to hate me... I mean love me...  like me? :p 

Shane Schmidt July 13, 2012 3 tags (show)