Status update on Open orders

Good morning,

I wanted to touch base with all of you this morning that are so patiently waiting on your orders to be shipped. Rather than write some business letter, I wanted to just bring you through the curtain, and show you where we're at.

So back in October we had done our best to forecast how many headsets, adapters, etc that we would sell for the holidays this year, based on last years numbers. Then we added more to that for a buffer. Well we burned through all that stock the first 2 days of December! We literally got our bones picked starting at the beginning of December, and it has not stopped. Paul did his best to order more as quickly as he could, but we were already behind the curve.

We're still a very new company, so we don't have multiple suppliers for parts, pieces, etc. We are completely reliant on single manufacturers and distributors for most of our parts, for now. We're growing fast, and are doing our best to stay ahead, but we were just surprised with this substantial uptick. This is really encouraging for us, but has created this very frustrating delay.

I'm Sorry FaceI am completely out of cable, speakers and circuit boards right now, and have been for several weeks. I built as many headsets as I could, and even scavenged our demos for the extra pieces I needed to build a few more. Our manufacturers of our parts are even further behind than we are and are doing their best to fulfill our PO's. Paul is doing his best to get our parts here as quickly as possible, and I will be ready to stay up and knock all these open orders out the second they arrive. Apparently our cable and speaker parts were supposed to leave California last Friday, but we got the delay email yesterday morning. Paul is confident that he will have parts on the way this week.

The second we have our parts on the way, Paul will be emailing you all and updating you on the progress of your orders. Paul will also be available via email, phone, etc. should you need any help or questions about your order.

If you have any dirty laundry that needs to be done, or your shoes polished, we can do that while you wait. :)

Thank you very much for your continued patience, and you call us if you need anything!

Shane A Schmidt January 13, 2015 1 tags (show)