Where can I buy those Carbon Fiber Lightspeeds?

So you found the Carbon Fiber Lightspeed Zulu 2 Aviation Headset huh?  


Well there's only 1 in existence right now. It was a special project for my friend and CFI, John. So we're trying to see who's interested in them and then decide to go from there. I will tell you that it will most likely void your warranty, but there is nothing in the warranty that declines warranty because of cosmetic changes.

Having said that, if something stops working, we are more than capable of fixing it for you, rather than you having to send it in and get rejected. We're not sure if we're going to approach Lightspeed or not, as it's really unnecessary.  We'll update with any news.

So here are the shots of the headset, and we'd love your feedback! Do you want them? Would you buy a used pair from us that were already done? Would you send yours in and just have them done?



Let us know below!

Shane Schmidt March 30, 2014 7 tags (show)