We're FINALLY catching up!

Well it's been a very long and sleepless road, but we can see the finish line!!! We're FINALLY catching up on all of our backorders. We were completely unprepared for how popular these would be and are upset that we got so far behind, but SO happy too!

We got out round 2 of 3 this week and we're going to be shipping the last of the backorders out first thing next week!!

So we just wanted to say THANK YOU, to all of you friggin amazing customers that we have! I have never read so much enthusiastic and supportive feedback from people. If I could give all of you a big hug and tell you in person, I would.  So back to work I go, working away happily for all of you!


I want to give a special thanks to Dave T., Jay B., Michele H., Jared H., Anthony I., Mitch S., Evi M., Jennifer W., Vernon R., Scott C., Jay D., Roland H., James T., Sgt. Aaron T., and last but not least Heather T. All of your well-wishes and understanding is what helped me keep driving forward and pushing on. I can never pay back the kindness and patience that you showed me, but I will never forget it.




Shane Schmidt January 17, 2014 3 tags (show)