Attack resolved! Get ready for a bunch of emails :)

Attack resolved!

Good morning Squawk Shoppers! So for those of you who don't follow our Twitter, Facebook or RSS, on 1/14/16 we were one of thousands of victims of a DDos attack (virus)that hacked our ecommerce platform that we reside on. That affected everything, from email, phone, chat & text. Anything that resided on that backbone since that time.

Pulling our hair outUnfortunately this almost ceased our ability to contact or be contacted by our customers, you. We have no control over these issues when they arise and can only do our best to resolve the issues and carry redundancy to avoid loss of data. Luckily we believe we were able to do both.

Our hosts and vendors have assured us that they have either cleaned all issues, or verified functionality and we are currently restoring all of our data. This will take time, but we wanted to reach out via email to our customers and let you know. We hope that this has not inconvenienced all of you too much and will be following up with those emails, voicemails, texts and chats that we missed or were unable to respond to. If you sent us an email, text or chat and this message is not a reply to that message, please contact us so we can research it further.

Thank you so much for your patience, and wish us luck! :)

Professor McSquawky January 27, 2016 2 tags (show)